Lisse Jogger with pocket

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New Pattern High Waist Bump Split Joint Yoga Pants Lift The Hips Run Close Elastic Force Other Clothes Motion Bodybuilding Pants Woman

:Ninth pants
:Hit color
Material: Spandex
Feature: Anti-Shrink
Sleeve Length: Sleeveless
Pattern Type: Solid

Standard US Size,XS=4,S=6,M=8,L=10,XL=12

Washing and maintenance methods of Yoga clothing

First of all, the newly purchased yoga clothes must be gently washed with clean water and then dried and then worn. The first time you do not need to use washing powder and other detergents, the clothes have fixing agents. Water washing can strengthen dyeing and make the fixing color agent more stable.

Second, be particularly careful not to wear unwashed yoga clothes directly to high temperature yoga lesson, a lot of sweat will break down the fixed agent in the clothes, causing clothes to fade, and when practicing yoga, the pores are open and the color of the clothes can easily invade the skin.

Third, daily cleaning, the best way is hand washing with cold water, the highest water temperature does not exceed 30. After a large amount of sweat, please clean and dry or keep ventilated as soon as possible. If you use a washing machine, please put in the laundry bag first, turn to the opposite side to wash, it is recommended to gently wash.

Fourth, be sure to wash separately in dark and light colors; soak for 1 min, do not invade for a long time; color protection or underwear washing solution is the best choice, do not put in hot and humid places, do not dry and ironing, do not add bleach, fluffy agent, or bleach detergent and softener; after cleaning, please put it flat and dry as soon as possible.

Fifth, yoga clothing fabric is very professional and high-end, the more high-end yoga clothing fabric, the more will not use excessive fixed agent (such as formaldehyde), so while washing, theremight have a little fade (especially the first washing or bright color, will be more obvious), as long as the clothes after drying, clothes such as new, no mottled appearance, is normal.