O.TWO.O-3D Natural Fiber Mascara, Waterproof, Eyelash Curler

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(1) WATER-PROOFE & EASILY REMOVE WITH WARM WATER - This waterproof mask will not smudge or flake and stays in place until you remove it, they are flexible and clean. Easily removes with soap and water, does not harm lashes.

(2) Lengthening and easy to spread - The crescent-shaped brush head design conforms to the physiological curve design of human eyelashes, which is easy to apply. At the time of application, it is applied evenly to the root of the tip of each lash, so that the lashes are naturally long and more attractive.

(3) Durable and Stain Resistant - Lash Science will last all day, it is waterproof, sweat resistant and stain resistant. While the instant curve-fitting formula stays on for 12 hours, enjoy your life, which is so easy.

(4) how to apply- Your lashes don't like that curler anyway. Be your mask's best friend. Gently wipe the wand from lash base to tip. Repeat across your lash line, making sure to catch each lash. Curls just want to have fun.

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