O.TWO.O Long-lasting, moisturizing, waterproof lip gloss

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About the product

1.2-in-1 Matte Lipstick: Match the lipstick with lip gloss, free to change lip gloss,
Say goodbye to tangled life, easy to carry, to enjoy free life. 2. Easy to wear and highly pigmented and long-lasting high PIGMENTED-A lipstick with a
velvety matte finish. It allows you to create a variety of dull and matte appearance.
Each super soft shade glides on and stays on. 3.Long-lasting, waterproof - Make sure you wear it all day, don't worry about fading,
let you go out easily if you are going out daily or going to a party, don't worry about
makeup color fading. 4 NATURAL makeup, soft and smooth, Natural to make it comfortable; Designed with a
luxurious and true matte finish that is silky smooth, the pigmented lipstick glides over
the lips for a silky experience. 5. RICH AND LIGHT COLOR - 12 different colors to choose from, giving you an unusual color
experience; Small package, which is very convenient and easy to carry, use it anytime,